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Did you know that beekeepers have famously attractive eyes ? Every single one of them . I don’t know the science behind it , but studies show beauty is in the eye of the bee holder . 


clara oswald goes weeks at a time without even seeing the doctor she describes him as her hobby she’s interested in dating and teaching and living independently

in no shape or form does her life revolve around him


hi everyone, it’s dorothy gale from kansas, and i nominate the wicked witch of the west for the ice bucket challenge

I don’t know why everyone’s upset about Nicki minaj and “fuck these skinny bitches,” I’m pretty sure that’s an emotion we’ve all felt at a dance or when we were in the club

psa that if you post on a music video that music today is “trash” then i will listen to the song once more just to spite you

shout out to my parents for always buying me shit i never used






Will you be judged at university if you bring a stuffed animal or two for your dorm room?

heck no! i have a pillow pet and now a stuffed dog and my roommate the last two years had a bear


if you’re angry at someone for something ask yourself if a kangaroo was right in front of you would you rather get mad at the person or look at the kangaroo.  if it’s the kangaroo then what you’re mad about isn’t important at all.  wow i love kangaroos

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